Why should I consider supplementing school guidance counselling?

1High School Students to Guidance Counsellor ratios make access a challenge.

People for Education Report 2018, Guidance Counsellors:
Expanding roles limited access

This is certainly not a new problem but it’s definitely one that is on the rise; especially with the pandemic. The ratio of School Guidance Counsellors is already 400:1 and in some cases as high as 826:1.

2Today’s Canadian School Counsellors are stretched thin — and it’s our students that suffer.

Global News, Failure to Launch – September 2019

School Guidance Counsellors are immersed in “Administrivia” and see their roles expanding into other areas such as Student Mental Health.

Core Guidance Counselling services become compromised leaving some students without optimal support and their parents seeking alternatives.

“Increasing administrative requirements of the Guidance Counsellor role and expanded caseloads, combined with increases in the incidence and severity of student mental health issues are straining Guidance Counsellor’s ability to provide academic and career counselling support to students.”

Ontario School Counsellors’ Association “Role of the Guidance Teacher – Counsellor” Survey Results

3Stigma and labels can define Student success.

PBS Teachers Lounge – Voices in Education – May 2019

“Students learn differently, are motivated by different things, and are not one size fits all cogs in the wheel of school.”

“It is convenient to section the classroom into the “A” students, the “average” students and those who will fail. Labels are the basis of society, and once someone is branded or tagged, it sticks with them for life. One either wears the label forever and lets it define them -- or uses it as a catalyst to redefine boundaries.”

When the Classroom Feels Hostile

How stigma, stereotypes, and labels can affect kids with learning disabilities. Harvard Graduate School of Education - Research

4Changing Your Post-secondary Studies

“No one expects you to have your whole life mapped out when you apply to university. There are so many universities and choices. You may discover new programs after you apply or even once you get to university.”

University of Waterloo - Changing your mind on what to study.


  • Switching Majors
  • Deciding your program is not for you!
  • Re-considering a move to College, a University or a Trade
  • Re-thinking Career Options & “Best-fit” Programs
5Protecting Your Investments in Education

The average cost of a year of Post-secondary Education is $20,000. In Canada, students take between nine and 15 years to pay their loans. A 2017 Ipsos poll for BDO Canada Limited found that 77 percent of graduates come to regret their debt.

At least twenty-nine (29) universities in Canada have a completion rate below 75% percent. Canadian universities with the highest (and lowest) graduation rates – MACLEAN's

Making the right choices are critical to protecting and getting the most out of educational investments.

We work with students one-to-one

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6Parent's have expectations.

Guidance Counsellor Perceptions of Parent Expectations

Aside from expectations about their core tasks and duties, Guidance Counsellors feel parent’s have expectations regarding time management, availability, expertise and to be there when the parent can’t get through to their child according to exploratory research.

Ontario School Counsellors’ Association - Study Link

Parental education expectations are reflected in savings patterns.

  • 50% of parents with a high school diploma or less had savings set aside for their education in 2020.
  • 62% of parents with a trade certificate or college diploma had savings set aside for their education in 2020.
  • 80% of parents with a university degree had savings set aside for their education in 2020.

Saving for post secondary education, 2020 Stats Can. Study Link

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We work with students one-to-one.

Our expert team of online Educational Consultants supplement existing school counselling, and cover the full spectrum of guidance services.

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