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Future Directions is proud to have a team of qualified and passionate Educational Consultants that have extensive experience in teaching and guidance counselling elementary, secondary, and post-secondary students and their families. Our team members hold a variety of university degrees including Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees as well as additional qualifications in guidance and career counselling, special education and English Language Learner education and support.

Our team includes Heads of Guidance and Career Education, Directors of Student Services, University Placement Counsellors and School Principals and come from publicly supported elementary and secondary schools, private/independent and international secondary schools across the provinces.

Our Educational Consultants are passionate individuals that care about the students they have worked with and continue to work with over their career. The following are some of their personal stories:

Our Consultants share some of their stories

Why I decided to become a Guidance Counsellor?

At a young age I realized that every student, every person, has their physical or metaphorical hand raised, asking to be heard and looking for guidance to achieve their goals. Through my own challenges, resilience and successes, I knew that I wanted to be that person who sees the hands of those around me and asks to be a part of navigating their journey.

Working with families

Throughout my time in education and counselling, a key role to many student’s success is their families support and I feel immense pride when families can trust and confide in me throughout a student’s journey. When I receive a phone call from a family member, whether it is to check in, provide context or just chat, I feel comforted to know that I can support everyone involved and develop meaningful relationships to further a student’s success!

My passion for working with students

As a counsellor, I have been fortunate to have students from around the world trust me enough and allow me to guide them through their personal and academic journeys. One that stands out is a student who opened up to me about his struggle with epilepsy. While I was fortunate to understand him on a personal level, this took engagement on my part to begin a positive relationship. Through his senior year, his confidence in me allowed for his personal growth, prioritizing his goals, adapting to a new lifestyle and ultimately allowing him to be his best self while getting into the University of Toronto as a Psychology major.

Why I love being a Guidance Counsellor

A student at my school lacked confidence and motivation to succeed in her classes. She would look for indirect help through the questions she asked, her body language and staying after school to seek extra assistance. Noticing this indirect approach, I began to check in with her on a regular basis, asking about her academics, goals and what made her happy.

Through our year together, speaking on a regular basis, and understanding one another, I was thrilled to see her grades turn from D’s to B’s and as she continued to keep in touch the following years, she progressed to A’s and is now enrolled in her Bachelor of Education, a dream that she once thought couldn’t be a reality.

Why our consultants love being a Guidance Counsellor

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We take pride in our team of Educational Consultants.