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How it Works


Connect with one of our Intake Coordinators to schedule an initial No Charge online video conversation to help clarify your needs and answer any questions before you begin.

When you decide to proceed, our Intake Coordinator will recommend a member from our Educational Consulting Team who best fits your needs.

Our Educational Consultants are all experienced Guidance Counsellors.

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Meet your Consultant

Schedule your first online video appointment with our recommended Educational Consultant who has the knowledge, expertise, and experience to help you achieve your goals.

In the first session our Educational Consultant will:

  • Get to know the student and parent(s). 
  • Understand the exact needs of the student.
  • Define the desired outcomes.
  • Create a Personalized Student Success Plan, if required.

All our sessions are 30-minutes in length and priced at $65.00 per session.

Meet our highly qualified and experienced Educational Consultants

The Success Plan

Our Educational Consultant will quickly follow-up with a 1-page Personalized Student Success Plan. Preview

The Personalized Student Success Plan includes:

  • Goal(s)
  • Action Steps & Timing
  • Recommended number of 30-minute sessions
  • Costs

The number of sessions required depends on the exact needs of the student.

Start your Journey

Start your Personalized Student Success Plan by scheduling online meetings with your Future Directions Educational Consultant as per plan.

All sessions are done using our confidential, privacy-compliant software platform.

Our Educational Consultants will provide a highly personalized experience which may include assessments, support tools & resources.

Start today

We can design various counselling and support packages, depending on the need and requirement of a student’s intended destination.